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    Title Valentines Day Event
    Posted by attrangs (ip:)
    • Date 2020-02-10
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    Thank you for participating our Valentines Day Event! :)
    We read all your comments and loved your stories ♥

    Go to your 'My Page' to check your prize!!

    We'll be back with more fun events and we hope to see you soon! ♥

    Happy Valentines Day!

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    • emillia1234 2020-02-10 0points
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      Spam #4 - go to a nice restaurant for dinner with my family and watch a movie after :)
    • steffieant 2020-02-11 0points
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      Spam #6 - go for a trip and eat a nice restaurant with my husband!
    • keybu 2020-02-11 0points
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      Spam #2 - My boyfriend is taking me to the aquarium on Valentine's Day! Although it may be too early to tell, I heard he may propose to me this year. The aquarium has always been my favorite date location so it would be a dream come true if he does! ♥
    • cait32999 2020-02-11 0points
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      Spam #1- I am engaged so I would wear this dress for my engagement photos with my boyfriend! and the go to dinner afterwards
    • iamhaein 2020-02-11 0points
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      Spam #1 its our first valentines day after getting married in May 2019. We dont go on a date much these days because we live together but on this very special day, we made a reservation at a very nice restaurant to enjoy the day! It would be great if i could wear such a pretty dress :)
    • heyra13 2020-02-11 0points
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      Spam #2 I'll be attend a meeting at a hotel after valentine wearing this pretty dress because it makes me look presentable & slightly formal. 💖
    • como2303 2020-02-12 0points
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      Spam #2 I have a presentation on Valentine so I need to wear something formal. Then I will have a nice dinner with my bf :)
    • caitlinayang 2020-02-12 0points
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      Spam #3 I would wear this dress to the dinner I have with my boyfriend~ its so cute and flirty! its also our anniversary on V-day :)
    • hvqn7188 2020-02-13 0points
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      Spam #1 This dress is perfect for my first date on this valentine ❤️
    • doeun0515 2020-02-13 0points
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      Spam #1 I am about to be engaged with my guy and have a dinner with his parents 🥰 looking for perfect dress and goin to buy some clothes for the springs from attrangs !
    • bxxdam 2020-02-13 0points
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      Spam #6 - I'm going to see my ex boyfriend on February 29th. It will be 2 months since our break up. During our relationship, I seldom wore any makeup, let alone dressing up. Being a Korean man, he has always been a critic when it comes to outer appearance, and yet he didn't say anything when we went out on dates. I would put on the same leggings and a shirt, I'd wear those repeatedly that he has almost never seen me in a dress. With my dull no makeup skin, my disheveled hair, and no manicures, I went out like that. Yet, he held my hands. I placed an order on a dress a week ago and the supplier said it would arrive, but might not make it before the 29th. I wish I could have more money to change my style, but a beautiful dress is all I could afford now. When I see him again, I want to look the prettiest I could be, so he won't forget me. Thank you.
    • shinwoo116 2020-02-13 0points
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      Spam #5 - I will be going on a date with my boyfriend :) we'll have dinner at a nice restaurant and go watch a movie after.
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